Abu Dhabi Part-time Job; For many years in Abu Dhabi, the role of part-time jobs (or the lack thereof) has been the most discussed and debated subject of conversation. Due to the country’s transient community – with people settling in and out of the country every year – it is difficult to build reliable, long term B2B and B2C business relationships. So there is a consistent need for short-term, quick fixes addressing immediate issues at hand. Thus, there has been this sense of opportunity-lost amongst the country’s part-time job seekers.

Moreover, when it comes to homeowners and tenants, the majority of the residents are renting their property and need to ensure that the upkeep meets their landlords’ requirements. In Abu Dhabi, most properties are managed by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties LLC (ADCP) – a subsidiary fully owned by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Therefore, with ADCP in the picture, there is increased scrutiny of leased properties and maintenance cannot be subpar if tenants want their security deposit to be refunded at the end of the lease. This means Abu Dhabi residents are particularly diligent in maintaining their homes and there is a constant demand for home improvement tasks that need to be assigned on an average resident’s budget.

Limitations of the Part-time industry:

Usually, their budget does not allow the average tenant to hire an entire home maintenance company’s team to repair or restore the property they are renting. Single contractors and professionals offering individual services are much more in demand due to the reduced charges they are willing to work for. This is because individual technicians do not invest the same level of capital for business set up and thus need much lesser returns on profit-making their prices more practical and an economic home improvement option.

However, this also means that the quality of work delivered does not reflect the best effort and leaves the customer unsatisfied. As part-time contracts did not have sufficient compliance guidelines in place until very recently, the level of trust customers afforded these individuals would also dwindle in reaction to their reputation. Part-time jobs were considered a last resort and consumers would prefer saving up for more “reliable” and “standardized” options – leaving part-timers in utter dismay over the diminishing flow of opportunities.

Part-time Jobs Galore aka “Rafeeg” is here to the rescue! 

Job seekers looking for part-time gigs finally have representation and a voice through Rafeeg – a platform for individual contractors and home improvement services to find part-time work assigned through an app that is already popular in Abu Dhabi’s digital brandscape. With Rafeeg in the picture, you finally have the part-time job market you have been dreaming of. Rafeeg hires in-house technicians that can fill the gaps for tasks or areas that have no participating vendors – meaning you can have zero competitions in this case and can be hired for these part-time jobs/areas exclusively.

Become a Rafeeg technician & solidify your part-time job-market:

You will be notified of the latest part-time jobs as well be allowed a platform to showcase your skills, assess the tasks and provide quotations for work that is already needed. This works for your good on two levels – one it connects you back to the part-time job market, plugging your skills where they are needed. And two, it builds trust between you and our customers for long term business relationships so they keep coming back to you for more work.

Rafeeg also allows customers to rate the tasks completed. This means your part-time work as a Rafeeg technician collects over time to reflect the quality we deliver – convincing new customers and retaining existing ones. Now that is mutual benefit taken to a whole other level!

Part-time jobs on the Weekends ( Friday & Saturday ) :

Many part-time job seekers are in search of gigs on the weekends, especially Friday, as they have an off from their full-time commitment and can afford to spend extra hours on a side task.

As a Rafeeg technician, you get access to market insights and trends. What our analytics team witnesses are a surge in part-time jobs over the weekend. This comes as no surprise as most Abu Dhabi residents work full-time as well and they are only available at home on the weekends to oversee these tasks. Most notably, the tasks outside of the city are booked over the weekend.

This means offering your skills through Rafeeg enables you to cover a larger radius and ensure deeper penetration of the market on the weekends as well. Under Rafeeg’s wing, you get legal representation as a technician and are also marketed for your skills. We work to promote our technicians most diligently, empowering you with a whole marketing and research team backing your work.

Part-time jobs at the Mall in Abu Dhabi:

A popular venue amongst part-time job seekers is the malls. Given Abu Dhabi’s scorching sun and desert climate, the mall is a convenient indoor option for both consumers and service providers, with constant foot traffic throughout the day. What gives you an edge as a Rafeeg technician is that our business development team has successfully partnered with a number of mall management firms – giving you an opportunity to play in the big leagues.

Malls provide a great space for part-time work as contracts for promotional/seasonal events is a recurring need for them. What’s more – they need a new set of design & implementation tasks done for the festive occasion as well. Tasks ranging from carpentry to glassworks to commercial AC maintenance – are all contracts fulfilled by Rafeeg technicians. They also provide compliance checks within mall properties to ensure they meet local requirements. Lighting and decoration tasks are other popular forms of part-time jobs that need to be fulfilled often at malls.

Check out our full range of services on Rafeeg.ae & register your interest with us to be a Rafeeg technician.

Part-time Jobs for Locals in Abu Dhabi:

Emiratis, with their drive for innovation and pushing the economy forward, are an asset to Rafeeg’s business team. Not only is their native fluency of Arabic & excellent command over English an ideal combination for Abu Dhabi business activity – but it is also needed for a number of business development projects. The high-value professional specializations – that are the strong suit of current Emirati youth – are many sought-after skills for local businesses fulfilling part-time jobs. Abu Dhabi Part-time Job

Rafeeg welcomes Emirati professionals on its team for both – part-time and full-time contracts. You can join our business development team as a key relationship builder between local homeowners/landlords and Rafeeg. You can also come on board as a part-time mediator between technicians and Emirati clients. You could also oversee labor-intensive jobs that need the know-how of regional work norms, policies, and ethics.

With your sensitivity to local customs and comprehensive knowledge of the native culture, you can prove to be an asset to the Rafeeg team by providing consultation, guidance & a framework for catering to the Abu Dhabi local audience in the part-time, home improvement context. Designing Emirati homes & commercial properties requires a thorough understanding of the family & business culture amongst the locals. Thus you can be of great help as interiors & landscape designers on the Rafeeg team.

Please send us your resume for review & we will be glad to reach out to you for further information.

Part-time jobs for Students in Abu Dhabi:

With the Abu Dhabi government allowing part-time work for students aged 12 and above (Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/dubai/part-time-job-opportunities-for-uae-students-aged-12-and-above ), Rafeeg is excited to provide in-house opportunities for students to experience a hands-on work environment. Not only are we looking to create part-time jobs for students that match their competency and time-constraint (such as call center jobs and internships), we are also looking to launch a paid, part-time E-Commerce Fellowship Program for students in Abu Dhabi.

This fellowship will allow students to work on a part-time basis, as part of the Rafeeg administrative office, learning the ropes of building a strong Digital Platform and Social Brand. Student applications will be vetted and selected candidates will be matched to relevant departments for a comprehensive job role that aids their career growth. Abu Dhabi Part-time Job

Watch this space and stay tuned for the launch of our Fellowship Program to apply.

Part-Time Jobs for HouseWives:

Housewives looking for part-time jobs have the unique selling point of being excellent multitaskers. They also have flexible timings working from the comfort of their home and they are obviously connected to a reliable internet connection. This makes housewives ideal to be hired for part-time jobs that are not client-facing but require a short notice for the task at hand.

Housewives are also particularly skilled at content creation on home improvement topics due to hands-on experience with maintaining their own homes in the region, staying on a practical & reliable budget. Relevant knowledge of hidden saving hacks and coupon deals is another strong suit of housewives in Abu Dhabi.

As a result, the Rafeeg Research & Development team is currently working on creating a framework for housewives to be hired for part-time jobs in Abu Dhabi. This extension to the platform of Rafeeg will assist women, working from home, to acquire part-time work based on their assessment during the application process. Virtually working as a part of the Rafeeg administrative team, you will be able to further your career while simultaneously fulfilling your duties at home.

Stay tuned for updates on this very soon from Rafeeg.

Part-time jobs in Musaffah:

As the industrial hub of Abu Dhabi, Musaffah is the busiest location for part-time work acquired through a registered Rafeeg Technician. This is because all labor-intensive jobs including carpentry, upholstery, plumbing, aluminum works, glassworks and many forms of repair work are all offered in Musaffah. Not only is this the most competitive space for such jobs, but many workshops also lose out on the customers in the herd.

As a Rafeeg Technician, not only do you get notified about part-time gigs within the area but also from areas not accessible in Musaffah – meaning customers who are not able to drive down to Musaffah use Rafeeg to hire technicians in their own location. Hence, you are able to take your Musaffah-based work experience to other locations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi under Rafeeg. This not only increases your coverage radius, but it also makes sure your trip is worthwhile to a legit part-time job – through the correspondence with the customer on the Rafeeg app.

If you are a skilled worker in Musaffah, kindly register your interest with us for further details.

Part-time Requirement for House Cleaning Jobs:

Part-time house cleaning is an up and coming job market, fast-rising in demand in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, current platforms providing this service have fallen short of the customer’s expectations. A quick glance at their social media shows the innumerable complaints and poor reviews they have received due to canceled orders at the last minute or even complete silence from their end – abandoning the customer after accepting the order. Abu Dhabi Part-time Job

Rafeeg offers a number of services to a large clientele with varying expectations, family structure, and home sizes. As a result, we are able to clone the same perfected-model of service for other industries to house cleaning as well. Professionals booked through us are well versed with client expectations and know how to manage their time as well as deliver excellent quality of work. Our technicians discuss the house size, assigned tasks and hired hours beforehand. They also ensure the customer either has the necessary cleaning supplies for the job. Otherwise, they carry all the required equipment and supplies with them when arriving at the client’s location.

Free Consultation

Technicians also offer a consultation service when it comes to house cleaning. We hire in-house technicians for hygiene/air quality/ environmental consultation and to administer certified treatments and maintenance. We are working to expand this service to offer pest control and insect extermination as well. Kindly contact us for further details on part-time jobs for house cleaning.

Financial Freedom with Us:

If you are looking to expand your income beyond your current full-time work commitment, kindly contact us to find out if you qualify to be a Rafeeg Technician. Share this article with your friends too – you never know who needs more work out there. Your shared post may take someone’s income from barely making it to finally making a saving every month! We, at Rafeeg, with the Abu Dhabi part-time job seekers the very best of luck in their endeavors! See you in the next post.