Abu Dhabi Weather Hourly is one of the most unpredictable weather. You can be assured that you will find a different feeling every hour or two. However, it varies from sunny to pleasant to foggy and cloudy. It gets really hot during the months of Mid May to September, and starts to cool down after that. You can check the weather hourly, daily, or monthly at:


This article is going to talk about the two main weathers of Abu Dhabi, and what activities you can do in them to make it unforgettable.


Summers can be a bit daunting. However, it can also be very fun as the government has made sure that you have places that can make your summer really memorable. The few activities that you can do during summers is:

  1. Yas Waterworld – Who doesn’t love a good water park? This is the perfect and a mandatory place to go to when visiting Abu Dhabi during summers. It has the most amazing and thrilling rides that you cannot get enough of. Furthermore, they usually have some or the other offers going on like discounted tickets and so on. However, look out for ladies night only. You can check their details at: http://yaswaterworld.com/
  2. Ice Rink – The other option is to try out the largest ice rink in Abu Dhabi that is located in Zayed Sports City. It allows you to come and have fun on the ice for hours along with giving you an option of booking ice skating lessons. Moreover, after having fun on the ice rink you can explore other activities in Zayed Sports City. The various offering can be found in detail at:



The winter is the most pleasant weather you can find. It is not the extreme winter where you do not feel like leaving home. It is the perfect kind of windy that urges you to go out and enjoy yourselves. Few of the activities you can do is:

  • Ferrari World – It is a must place to go as its thrilling rides are going to just blow your mind, and mix with the pleasant weather? Just think how exciting it is going to be. Almost all their rides are outdoors, amplifying your experience.
  • Al Bahar – All you want in winter is sometimes to just relax by the beach and have a good cup of hot coffee. Isn’t it? Al Bahar is the perfect place to fill that cravings. It is an area filled with different types of cafes overlooking the open sea. Further, you always have the option here to buy your coffee and snacks and go to the beach for a walk along the waves. Further, you can also access the electric scooters and cycles to enjoy the weather alongside the beach.