ADEK Abu Dhabi is responsible for looking out all the education and they do so in a very professional manner that balances diversity, sustainability, and excellence. They were established in 2005 and took the ownership of the education from MOE in 2008, embarking on a journey of ensuring excellence in education system.

ADEK Abu Dhabi Contact & Location

You can easily reach out to them for any doubts and be up to date with their investments, policies and so on by:

Location Al Salam Street, Ministries Complex.
Contact 02 615 0000
Social Media Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn:

ADEK Abu Dhabi Education System

ADEK monitors and controls all the education system. It includes nurseries, private schools, public schools, charter schools, and higher education. They set out the policies that every education institute needs to follow. They aim to keep on improving the system by integrating new policies like every school needs to use technology as a main highlight, the minimum age of the child to enrol in the school. You can get to know about the rating of every school, their fees, and so on from their website.

ADEK Abu Dhabi

ADEK Abu Dhabi School Rating

The Abu Dhabi Department of Knowledge rates a school outstanding if the quality of the performance exceeds the expectations. Otherwise, their rating falls among very good, good, acceptable, and weak.

Their reports are based on the following:

  • Students Achievement Performance Standard
  • Student’s personal, and social development along with innovation skills.
  • Teaching and performance.
  • Curriculum.
  • The protection, care, guidance, and support of students.
  • Leadership and Management.

ADEK Abu Dhabi Services

They offer various services to make lives easier of the people associated with the education system. Some of them being:

  • Request for scholarship.
  • Request for good conduct certificate.
  • Request for sequential study certificate.
  • Request to issue attested academic certificate.
  • Request to review exam papers for private schools.
  • Request for substantive change in higher education institutions.
  • Request to hire an employee in Private School.
  • Request to hire an employee in Nursery.
  • Request for Initial Approval of a Private School.
  • Request for Approval to Organise/Practise a School Activity.
  • Request to Register a Student who has no Academic Certificate.
  • Request to Amend Licence Information of a Private School.

ADEK Abu Dhabi Careers

Working with ADEK should be a dream job as you will get to work with a select team of the world best experts and highly skilled staff who are committed to the development of the educational process in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, they provide attractive benefits, salaries, and retirement programs.

All you have to do is go to their website and apply now for your chance to make a difference in the education system.