Bhavans Abu Dhabi is a brand that was created in 1938 by Dr. K. M. Nowadays. It is working more than 400 institutions in India plus ten overseas centers in Schools, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, USA, and the UK in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar as well as today in Abu Dhabi. It’s an English moderate, morning boarding school and is affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi.

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Bhavans Abu Dhabi Intro continue ..

It’s a child-centered school that guarantees the all-round advancement of every learner. Special attention is taken to produce a good character and also desirable values in most kids.

A distinctive thing about the institution is the presence of a category library and course magazine. Lockers are supplied for all of the pupils in the respective classrooms of theirs.

PIES is a progressive college wherein learning isn’t restricted to the classroom. A tranquil atmosphere prevailing within the campus is favorable to knowledge and creativity. The four pillars of training – learning how to find out, learning how to do, learning how to follow, and also learning being tended to be the focal points of interest.

The Principal, who’s at the helm of co-curricular and academic tasks, could be the motivator, coordinator, and facilitator of this organization.

Bhavans Abu Dhabi Admission

The registration for new admissions will start in October 2019.

Admission Process

First, Online Registration:

  1. Online form needs to be loaded by the parent.
  2. Children Shortlisting per availability.
  3. Registration; parents need to pay 5% of the annual fees.
  4. Confirmation; parents need to pay the remaining 95% fees.

Second, List of documents needed after the Registration confirmation:


  1. Passport Copy.
  2. Emirates ID Copy.
  3. The birth certificate Copy.
  4. Last school report.
  5. Health insurance.
  6. Personal photos.
  7. Transfer certificate.


  1. The passports copy.
  2. The Emirates ID copy.

Bhavans Abu Dhabi Review

The school has made progress that is good in every one of the places for improvement determined in the previous inspection. As an outcome, achievement in KGs currently top-notch. The SDP has a comprehensive and detailed KG program in place to push further improvement. The SDP features a detailed and detailed for Arabic available to push further improvement.

Pupils also benefit from little group lessons exactly where planned curriculum activities could be analyzed with better support. SEN pupils make excellent progress that matches that of the peers of theirs. Leaders have increased performance in most areas. Overall, the capacity of theirs to correct is outstanding.

Many teachers have attended training this season on the seven measures of teaching reading, and in coaching phonics and sight-reading.