Electra Street Abu Dhabi is stretched over a 4km strip with so many activities packed in it. Hence, giving it the name of the road that never sleeps. This street is packed with the hustle of people; however, during lunchtime, everything shuts down till 4 pm. This street is a must-visit to gain new experience and is also very safe at midnight.

Electra Street Abu Dhabi New Name

Electra Street is also known as the Shaikh Zayed the Second Street. However, the citizens of this city commonly call it as Electra Street Abu Dhabi. Some say it is because there are many electrical shops on that street. However, that doesn’t explain the word, Electra. The citizens living for a long time say that there was once a shop named Electra located in the Hamdan Centre, and since then, this road has been called Electra.

Electra Street Abu Dhabi Computer Shops

Your computer not working? A part of your computer, laptop, TV, and technology failed you? Why spend 1000s of dirhams to get a new one when you can fix your devices at affordable rates from Electra Street Abu Dhabi. Yes, they have all kinds of electrical and computer shops there where you can bargain your prices and quickly compare the prices of different shops. The leading shops you should visit are:

  • Speed Computer
  • Cosmos Computer
  • Nova Star Computer

Electra Street Abu Dhabi Hotels

If you are looking for a place to stay while you enjoy this street, worry not, we know the right place for you. Strand hotel is situated in the heart of this street, providing quality services. Their rates are very affordable too.

Rooms Rates with Breakfast
Standard AED 600/-
Business double room AED 600/-
Deluxe twin room AED 720/-
Executive room AED 960/-
Suite AED 1180/-

*The amounts are inclusive of tax and one night

Electra Street Abu Dhabi Apartment for Rent

You can find different sizes of Apartment with different facilities in Electra. The rates are as follows:

Apartment Rent
1 Bedroom AED 40,000 – 48,000
2 Bedroom AED 50,000 – 55,000
3 Bedroom AED 60,000 – 75,000

Electra Street Abu Dhabi Restaurants

There are various restaurants located on Electra Street Abu Dhabi. The popular ones being:

Punjab Highway Restaurant – It is an Indian restaurant providing delicious kebabs and Indian dishes, costing only AED 80 for two people.

Café King Karak – If you are in this area and did not try its tea, you are missing out.

Ibrahimi – is a Pakistani restaurant and a great tourist attraction for all. They are known for their mouth-watering Pakistani food and hot and fresh naan right out of the tandoor.