If you are a citizen of Abu Dhabi, I’m pretty sure you are always on a lookout for places where you can save more. There is no need to look. Further, the Entertainer Abu Dhabi is your best solution to saving more and enjoying yourself to the maximum.

Entertainer Abu Dhabi Contact

They have an amazing team for customer service who are always available to help. You can reach them by:

Contact +971 4 427 9575
Location Landmark Group Tower, 9th Floor, Dubai Marina,
E-mail (Live Chat) customerservice@theentertainerme.com
FAQ https://www.theentertainerme.com/site/ContactUs

Entertainer Abu Dhabi Book & App

The Entertainer Abu Dhabi is vouchers that give you discount at places like shopping, leisure, restaurants and so on. You can use these vouchers in two ways:

  1. Book – You can buy the book, and all you will have to do is tear the coupon that you want to use and give it at the location.
  2. App – You can also download their App, which keeps on updating their vouchers weekly and monthly. The App also tells you your estimated savings and allows you to gain a smile point. Your book vouchers can be used on the App, as when you buy the book, it comes with a code, and all you will have to do is enter that code. The voucher to be redeemed is selected and shown to the person at the location who comes to a system, and you get the discount. 

Entertainer Abu Dhabi Packages & Bundle

There are a lot of packages for you to choose from:

Cheers Abu Dhabi (330 offers) AED 204.75/-
Body Abu Dhabi (330 offers) AED 204.75/-
Adrenaline Abu Dhabi (unlimited 25% off) AED 204.75/-

However, if you want more, Entertainer Abu Dhabi has that covered for you as well. They have a bundle of AED 414.75/-. This bundle allows you to get access to So many 2-for-1 and discount offers across the city for the brands you love, casual dinner, and staycation. Further, it also gives you the option of Add one of the packages mentioned above without paying extra.

Entertainer Abu Dhabi Reviews

  • ‏‎Zanli Van der Merwe

“This is the second year I have purchased and have never had a bad experience. The two for one offers are fantastic. All restaurants have honoured the voucher with no issues. This App allows us a treat without breaking the bank.”

–       Rebecca Francis-Pope

 “Love this App!! Always use it when going out to eat and have discovered so many amazing restaurants through it. Also, who wouldn’t love 2 mains for the price of 1??”

–        ‏‎Stephan Fourie

“The entertainer is the best app ever!! Especially with the new security upgrades, well done!!” Top of Form”

Alternative Apps

If you still desire to save more alongside it, here are some options for you:

  • Groupon
  • Smiles
  • Discounter
  • Beam

However, if you are looking for an application that gives you access to over 100s of restaurants, spas, and staycations, Entertainer Abu Dhabi is the one for you.