Etisalat Balance is the most used company when it comes to daily necessities like phone call credit, TV Channels, Internet, Landline, and so much more. However, availing all this means paying bills and finding the best possible way to pay them. This article will talk about how you can check you balance and make the payments, along with the offers they provide.

Check etisalat balance by SMS

Checking your credit balance, your flexi minutes, and your data has never been easier. All you have to is Dial the following codes and get to know your balance.

Prepaid sim balance:

  • Dial *121# to check your credit.
  • To find prepaid offers and promotions dial *101#.
  • To get Deal of the Day dial *050#.
  • To transfer credit to another mobile dial the code *100*mobile number*amount# and press call.

Post paid sim balance

  • Dial *170# for data enquiry
  • Dial *140# for flexi minutes enquiry
  • Dial *121*37# to check your minutes balance.

When you want to recharge your balance all you have to do is get their credit card. They offer credit for AED 30, AED 55, AED 100, AED 250, and AED 500. Further, you may also find machines situated in different areas that allow you to put in the amount of your desire.

Check etisalat balance by phone call

You can never go wrong with directly calling them and getting all your enquires sorted out. To check out your balance you can call their call centre at 101.

However, you cannot ask them to recharge your credit, for that you will have to use two of the methods mentioned above.

Check etisalat balance by app

Another most convenient way to keep a track of your balances is by downloading their app. Their app is available on both apple store and Google play. All you have to do is download their app and enter your details to get all your data.

You can keep a track of how much data is left, and even your credit. Further, you can pay your bills and recharge your balance over their app.

Other info & tips about etisalat balance

They have exciting rewards to offer you. On their app you get offers like 15 international minutes for only AED 5, 60 MB for only AED 2 and various other calling and data package.

Further, you can download their app smiles that offers you vouchers for fine dining, restaurants, shopping, travel, wellness, entertainment and so much more. Each time you pay your bills and recharge your balance your points keep on adding up and you can use these points to avail the offer. Further, if you do not have enough point you can use your credit to avail the offer. Usually the price is only AED 2 or AED 5 of your credit to avail the offer.