IKEA Abu Dhabi is one of the most visited furniture shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi, Offering high-quality pieces of furniture at a reasonable price. However, due to high traffic, orders get delay, especially when it comes to assembling the parts, and sometimes the asked cost of r assembling is overrated. The charges start from 150 AED (per hour), which rated based on the time spent for the job. 

So if you decided to buy furniture from IKEA Abu Dhabi, make sure about the following:

  • The cost of assembling.
  • The delivery schedule. 

How Could Rafeeg App help when you buy from IKEA Abu Dhabi? 

We are specialized in connecting our users with local service providers. 

  • More than 20 providers offer furniture assembling services in Abu Dhabi @ Rafeeg App
  • All Providers have passed the screening check (licensing and quality). 
  • Work Quality guarantee.
  • No Commitment, if you decide to cancel or replace the provider. 
  • Prompt response, you could have them visited you with an hour.
  • Compare the providers based on customer reviews, ratings, and work portfolio. 
  • Powerful Customer Service team to ensure you get the job per your expectations. 
  • Get a better quote bypassing the furniture photos to the selected provider through Whatsapp. 

Give it a try, make your life easy:

Rafeeg, an app-based marketplace for home improvement needs

The key to what makes IKEA ‘s single Yas Island store so uniquely positioned lies in its exclusive offerings for the Abu Dhabi community of IKEA furniture lovers. Their USP in this Emirate is so well-tailored to its size and the many family structures residing within the Emirate – from the school-going community residing in Mussafah to the Island City’s compact apartments’ storage needs – IKEA provides exclusive furniture solutions for all.  Most importantly, what IKEA Abu Dhabi lacks in physical accessibility, it more than makes up for on its online store – ikea.ae

Is IKEA Abu Dhabi really the Santa undercover in Abu Dhabi?

“For a Limited Time Only!” (this has been on offer for over a year already!)  IKEA is giving away Free Delivery all throughout the UAE – IF you buy furniture online. Although this offer is sometimes extended to the in-store purchases, it does not come with the same perks of online browsing – across the entire stock and the widest range of product features – from the comfort of your home. This makes the online purchase option not only more convenient but a more practical, time-efficient and cost-effective method. Here’s why:

Given that the online store’s free delivery has been on offer for a while – it is firstly the more reliable option to start with. Now think about it – the size of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi means wherever you are in it, it’s always going to be cheaper to have them bring your purchases all the way from Yas. This not only saves your valuable time and the trip’s fuel cost, it also means everything gets delivered in one go!  So as the Emirate’s only store, IKEA Abu Dhabi is playing the Swedish-Santa by dropping everything from their RINNIG Dishwashing Brush (AED 3 –  https://www.ikea.com/ae/en/p/rinnig-dish-washing-brush-green-90407811/ ) to entire Living Rooms (LYCKSELE – https://www.ikea.com/ae/en/search/products/?q=LYCKSELE&facetfilter=online_sellable%3Atrue ) all across Abu Dhabi!  On the other hand, the delivery fee for in-store purchases start from AED 75. Whereas with the ongoing sale – up to 75% off till Feb 1st – this online store offer makes things pretty much a steal.

Source: https://www.ikea.com/ae/en/customer-service/services/delivery/

More Perks for Online Store Purchases:

What more? With the free delivery, comes cheaper assembly and installation as well. IKEA is offering a flat rate of AED 120 for the assembly of any products that have been purchased through their online store. This is definitely more economical, considering the assembly for store bought products starts at AED 160.

Source: https://www.ikea.com/ae/en/customer-service/services/assembly/

This is NOT to say that AED 120 is by any means a practical assembly charge – especially when there are hidden charges involved in the various stages of assembly (planning / measurement / installation).

*The above measurement and planning costs would not be refunded if the furniture is not purchased from IKEA.

These installation and assembly fees are also not practical for products that cost less than the overhead charges like the STIG barstool with back rest (73 cm) priced at 59 AED (https://www.ikea.com/ae/en/p/stig-bar-stool-with-backrest-black-silver-colour-80155205/ ). IKEA would charge you AED 120 to assemble this kitchen essential – more than the price of the actual chair!

THIS is where the secret weapon in Abu Dhabi’s back pocket [or smartphone 😉 ] comes in:


POWER Combo Hack for furniture shopping in Abu Dhabi: IKEA + Rafeeg

Rafeeg is the perfect app to handle the assembly and installation of your IKEA purchases – or ANY other home products for that matter! They have a carefully vetted network of home improvement service providers as well as in-house technicians. Rafeeg covers all areas of Abu Dhabi and provides design, repair & maintenance services. 

With Rafeeg, you can also send in an image of the area you’d like to makeover & the vendors can provide consultations based on estimated measurements. So no upfront measurement fees! Once the vendors assesses the job, they’ll give you a quotation including a total cost estimate and expected time of delivery.

This healthy competition between our vendors means you get the best service at the lowest price. It also means that you do not have to purchase furniture from one store solely – e.g. IKEA. You can pick and choose from any brand – to your interior design taste & Rafeeg will take care of bringinging the room together – all assembly steps included!

This means Rafeeg also provides every essential task for the room’s interiors including the initial blueprint design, cleaning the workspace, any plumbing fixes or electrical rewiring. Vendors on Rafeeg also offer floorwork services like re-tiling or the construction of platforms and indoor / outdoor landscaping as well.

Revamping old IKEA furniture?

Rafeeg can revamp your upholstery, fix curtains and railings; provide carpentry, decoration, aluminium and glassworks as well. Electrical work on kitchen appliances, home cleaning devices and garden irrigation/sprinkler systems can also be revamped and maintained through the Rafeeg app.

An example of the IKEA + Rafeeg combo is this MULNIG Chandelier:

These are not available on the IKEA UAE site currently. The work around on that are alternatives like the IKEA Abu Dhabi section on Dubizzle as well as amazon.ae  – you can get IKEA products in new or like-new condition for less than half the price.

With Rafeeg, you can have these installed for a minimal charge, without having to navigate through perplexing installation instructions like:

What could have been a 240AED installation fee for two of these chandeliers, with many hours of confusion involved, was in fact a mee 100 AED job done by professionals hired through Rafeeg, in less than 20 minutes! Check out the results:

Ready to show guests your new and improved living space only to have them sweat buckets? Arranging the perfect indoor feast with that summer barbeque right beside a dripping (read: pouring) AC vent? MOST importantly, with Abu Dhabi being so abundantly blessed with summer all year round, Rafeeg also provides Air Conditioning upkeep services, like compressor fixing/maintenance.

Dealing with Mold Spores in your AC ducts

Another less known but essential task for your home air conditioning system is the cleaning of the air ducts. You may have seen a dark looking, dust like substance around the air vents. While this can be a build up of soot from candles or settles ash from a fireplace, most Abu Dhabi homes do not use either as they are looking to escape the outdoor heat – not create it. In this case, the dark AC vents means there are mold spores infesting your air ducts.

These mold spores grow worse with moisture and heat. In the summers, Abu Dhabi witnesses temperatures reaching as high as 45°C and the percentage of humidity (moisture) in the air goes up to a 100. Since most of these air ducts are not in cooled spaces (inside walls & overhead false ceilings), they have the optimal environment for mold to grow at a drastic rate within them. Having mold spores, contagious germs or mildew circulating in the air ducts significantly affects the breathing space in your home. It can trigger asthmatic reactions, cause sinus issues, eye infections and coughing or wheezing.

A “mold remediation specialist” is needed to be hired in this case. They inspect the air ducts and test the substance in a lab to confirm if it is mold. They also determine the air quality of your home before hand and rate it after the treatment. You can find a number of such mold treatment services and air duct maintenance providers on the Rafeeg App. A quick shot of your air vents and mentioning the size of your home can further help the vendors give you customized options for the specific treatment type needed for the air ducts.

First Abu Dhabi Bank & Emirates NBD – Exclusive IKEA Partners

Speaking of brands that work beautifully alongside your IKEA Abu Dhabi purchases, a couple of finance options are also available.

First Abu Dhabi Bank has partnered with First Abu Dhabi Bank to bring you a 10% cashback offer with IKEA. With the current 25% to 75% off for the Festive Sale at IKEA, you can use your World Elite Credit Card or Al-Futtaim FAB Platinum Card online and in-store, to get an extra 5% bonus cashback rewards (Terms & Conditions apply). 

IKEA too provides a partnership solution on their end by allowing you to “buy-now-and-pay-later” – if your purchase amount is higher than 500AED. This would be facilitated through both – First Abu Dhabi Bank and Emirates NBD, exclusive strategic partners of IKEA. The payment can be made in interest-free credit card installments that cover both furniture and accessories.

If you are to avail the Emirates NBD instant 0% installment plan, you can do so 6 or 12 months, for AED 500+ purchases. You can utilize the Emirates NBD Credit Card to convert your purchase – just make sure to request the 0% installment plan.

An IKEA Abu Dhabi Family!

Dropping the family to YAS’s theme park attractions, while you shop at IKEA, can be a valid point for contention. However, it’s pretty hefty on the wallet.  A better, more practical solution is joining the IKEA Family Wellness program which holds a number of activities for the whole family throughout the month.

No more daycare for toddlers and  shopping tantrums for the tweens. You do not have to guilt trip the spouse either. Just send them over to the Wellness Activity. Just this month, the family Zumba is coming up on the 24th of January.  Held at IKEA Yas Island,  it will take place from 8:30am to 9:30 am. To join this event, simply register your family at the information counter on your next trip to IKEA, Yas Island & submit your interest in the event by RSVP.

An IKEA Abu Dhabi B’day Party & Yas Tour like No Other!

Finally, given the proximity to children’s attractions like Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Yas WaterWorld and Ferrari World, IKEA Abu Dhabi uses its unique location to offer the best birthday party experience in the city! They offer their restaurant and play area (otherwise available for day care needs for parents shopping in store) for a custom party solution sensitive to the number of invitees and their age groups ranging from 1 year olds to 10 year olds.

With the servings of 10 kids meals (with complimentary flavored milk packs) and 10 meals for grownups, you have the perfect venue for that memorable birthday you’ve been planning for your child and their guardians. The menu on offer for this event includes the birthday cake of course. There are kid friendly options for the actual dinner like a 12 piece party box of roasted chicken or meatballs. You could also go for the shawarma party box option. They also serve tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Perfect Timing and Entertainment!

Not only this, IKEA Yas Island will also provide the entertainment, games and decoration for the event. There is also a 10% discount for IKEA Family Members – the regular non-members charges for the Party Package are AED 1,000 for a 2 hour party duration for 10 kids and 10 adults. This package is available on weekdays with the timing options of 3:00PM to 5:00PM or 6:00PM to 8:00PM

With the weekend timing option of 6:00PM to 8:00PM on Saturday, IKEA Abu Dhabi makes this the most perfect post-theme-park dinner & birthday ceremony option. Take the kids out to any of YAS’s theme parks in the day and head to IKEA Yas Island for the evening celebration and food! Isn’t that almost too perfect to think of?

There is no cancellation fee and all they ask is for the party slot to be reserved a maximum of three days in advance. That’s pretty short notice for a such a grand last minute option! It is a first come, first serve offer so be mindful of availability and make sure you book your preferred date and time.  And remember, the party can not be booked during Public Holidays.

Hoping this review highlights how exclusive the IKEA Abu Dhabi experience is for the Swedish Mogul’s enthusiastic fans! Share these hacks with your friends and review how well they worked for you in comments. We love hearing what your thoughts. See you in tomorrow’s post! – xxx –