Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi comes with a perfect combo of taking a walk, doing BBQ with friends and family, having entertainments, and at the same time, getting in touch with the culture of UAE. Its greenery is beautifully carved, attracting the by-passers and the tourists. It is a must-go when you want to have a relaxed and pleasant day.

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi Location and timings

Khalifa Park has chosen a middle ground between Abu Dhabi and Musaffah to establish itself. It is a vast park with lots of activities, and the location is easily accessible.

Location Opposite ADIB – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St – Abu Dhabi
Timings 10:00 am – 10:30 pm

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi Tickets

It provides a very safe environment for families and pathways surrounded by greenery to explore the park. It costs only AED1 to enter the park. However, to access the entertainment in it, the prices are different for them.

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi Entertainment

The Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi holds a lot of attraction for the people. The most note able being:

  • Train Ride – The train ride allows riders to get from one of the parks to the other. It provides music during the journey and makes several stops along the way. It is great fun for families of all ages, costing only AED 3 per person. 
  • Murjan Splash Waterpark – It is the perfect place for your children to have fun, and you can also host your child’s birthday party there. It costs only AED 50 per person.
  • Library – They also have built a library for kids and adults. They have books in English, but mostly, it is in Arabic. 

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum

It is located near the main entrance of Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi. The tour beings with a classroom setting and a video that introduces the tour ride by going over a brief history of Abu Dhabi. The tour also includes a journey that will take you through the history of Abu Dhabi from the beginning of Abu Dhabi to fishing and peal diving to the present day.

Throughout the journey through history, you will be accompanied by a tour guide, which is a voice system that is played through each car individually. Once the tour is finished, a walk through the aquarium. This whole trip costs only AED 5.

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi Events

Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi is famous for hosting events. The event of the year is the Abu Dhabi Festival of Falconry. Usually hosted in December, the family-friendly event is an excellent way for visitors to get up close and personal with a range of local predatory birds and see them in action in-flight shows. It also hosts birthday parties, reservations for football matches, and school trips.

Alternative Parks

Want to try a change of environment, these parks are your answer.

Um Al Emarat – It is located on the Mushrif district, offering various amusement rides with varying fees, fountains, swings, and places to dine in. Its open from 3 pm to 10 pm and photography is not allowed as it is famous for ladies only facility and the perfect place for the families to come and enjoy. 

Nahyan Garden – Located near Sheraton Khalidiya hotel with simple play equipment.  

Old Airport Garden – An ideal place to relax after having a fun day at the Zayed sport city. One side of the park is equipped with swings while the other part has ornaments and lots of trees for shade.