Searching for a school that equips your child with the 21st-century skill while at the same time keeping them connected with their culture? St Joseph School Abu Dhabi is the one providing the CBSE curriculum from primary to secondary school. The foundation was laid in Abu Dhabi in 1981. It has associated itself with the Roman Catholic Church since the start and is now managed by the Carmelite sisters of St. Theresa.

St Joseph School Abu Dhabi Contact & Location

Saint Joseph has made it very easy to access them from anywhere. Situating themselves in the urban area of Al-Mushrif 17th street has given a huge advantage for its students in terms of convenience.

Contact Number +971 (2) 446 3646
Fax Number +971 (2) 446 1772
Location Al-Mushrif 17th street, Abu Dhabi

Fees & Admissions

Saint Joseph’s admission opens usually in April where the students are tested and approved or rejected by the ministry of education. It is important for the students and the parents to be the residence of this city and they also accept transfers. Their fees amount will surprise you. Their fees structure is:

  • Grade 1-5 – AED5970/-
  • Grade 6-8 – AED6690 /-
  • Grade 9, 10 – AED 8,130/-  

Their fees for grades 11 and 12 vary on the basis of the fields chosen.

  • Computer science – AED 10,890/-
  • PCB Psy/PCMB – AED 10,290/-
  • Commerce Psy / Maths – AED 9,050/-.

St Joseph School Inspection Report

Standards Rating
Student Achievement Good
Students personal & Social Development, and their innovation Skills Very Good
Teaching and Assessment Good
Curriculum Very Good
The protection, care, guidance, and support of students Very Good
Leadership & management Good

Their vision is to educate, innovate, empower to become global citizens and their determination to this vision is proved by their outstanding inspection report. They have been inspected on a bi-annual basis and have shown progress over the year from weak to very good. They have been given a rating of good in student’s achievement, teaching, and assessment, leadership, and management. Further, ADEK noticed impressive development in the student’s personal, social, and innovative skills earning them a rating of very good. Their provision of quality care, protection, guidance, and support to the students along with their good delivery of CBSE curriculum has earned them a rating of very good. Hence, giving them a rating of good overall.

Parents Reviews

  • Payal Kozhi:

It is the best school ever, I was a student in theis school till grade 5th. I can’t forget the time when I was there, especially in the wintertime.

  • Ankita Chakraborty

I am not happy with the commutating, as I have send email but their email is not working, I receive back an error message every time I try to send email to them.

  • Joseph Lenin

One of the greatest schools in Abu Dhabi.

  • Moly Shaji

I am a student in this school, and I proud to be!

  • Jo Saavi

Great school, it is a nonprofit school run by a nun.


Do the parents agree with the inspection report? The parents are really satisfied with the quality of education provided to their child. They say that their child has been too exposed to numerous extracurricular activities while at the same time receiving quality education by qualified teachers, giving them value for their money. They have also seen improvements in their child’s confidence level. Further, they are very happy with the school’s disciplinary policies and not at all worried about bullying. However, they are a bit worried as their child cannot seem to find a sense of belonging in the school.

St Joseph School Abu Dhabi Alternative schools

Their CBSE curriculum along with its link to the Catholic Church has given it an advantage over the other schools. However, when it comes to your child no research is enough, hence here are some other options in Abu Dhabi you can consider.

School Name Details Fees
Mayoor private school It is a CBSE curriculum school located in Al-wathba. It offers French as well as pays to focus on Music and art Their fee for Kg 1 starts from AED 17,500/- to AED 25,000 for grade 12  
Abu Dhabi Indian school It has two branches, the main one being in Al-wathba Its fee starts from AED 9,360/- to AED 13,705/-  
Dunes international school It is located in Musaffah, sector 9 teaching CBSE curriculum Their fee starts from AED 12,000/- TO AED 23,500/-

Despite, various options Saint Joseph’s recognition and its impressive reports by ADEK give it a win over other schools.