It comes as an abrupt and shocking revelation that Abu Dhabi’s deluxe Swisbell Hotel has suddenly closed – permanently. As travel enthusiasts, we have all sought a stay at the iconic hotel chain known for the luxury and its sumptuous ambiance.

What Swiss Hotel Abu Dhabi Corniche had going for itself

  1. 1)   The Sweet Spot Location:

This Abu Dhabi property was located at a prime spot – at the junction of Salam & Mina Street in Al Zahiyah. Obviously, this meant you could walk down to the corniche within a couple of minutes or head south to Abu Dhabi Mall – also at a walking distance. The hotel staff was also willing to fulfill requests sightseeing trip around Abu Dhabi’s not-to-be-missed spots.

  • 2)   Their Rooms & Amenities:

Of course, it is no surprise that the corniche branch of the Swiss Hotel came with all the perks of high-value hospitality experience. From the 189 voguish room interiors to kitchenettes and therapeutic massages, the hotel brought you ultramodern convenience and vibes in the heart of Abu Dhabi city. Airport transfers, a concierge service, and shuttle rides were regularly offered. Swiss Hotel Abu Dhabi also catered to the needs of corporate executives staying at the property, providing three conference rooms for business meetings as well as a coffee shop work environment at the lobby’s Vita La Vita Cafe.

  • 3)   The Myriad of Cuisines on Offer:

Food-wise, the hotel boasted of one of the few full-fledged Arab feasts in the city – with the rooftop filled with Lebanese restaurants. Moreover, the Optimistic Restaurant catered to a number of international palettes for their breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. The oriental option was served at the Swiss-Cafe while Indian cuisine lovers could head to the Royal Rajasthan Restaurant down the road.

Permanent Closure? What happened?

Dwarfed by the Giants?

There are many speculations as to why the Swiss Hotel Abu Dhabi closed permanently. The most evident of this is that the cost of the property, due to its location and upkeep, meant that consistent, reliable and sufficient profits could not be made. This speculation is, in part, based on the fact that the hotel was located right on the corniche’s hotel cluster with Jannah Apartments beside it and Sheraton Abu Dhabi right across.

For all its affordable-luxury, the Swiss Hotel could not win over these giants with their ultra-competitive rates and considerably larger space (meaning entire sports/leisure clubs are held within Sheraton Corniche). Jannah Apartments too gives away month-long hotel apartment bookings for as low as AED5000 – a clear winner in the eyes of tourists – unlike the Swiss Hotel next door.

Unusual Circumstances:

Another popular opinion is that, with the sweltering summers of Abu Dhabi, and overall humid weather conditions, the actual foot traffic near the Swiss Hotel was a lot lesser compared to its other branches. With a significantly fewer number of guests visiting Abu Dhabi during the 9 hot months of the year, Swissbel Hotel Abu Dhabi could not sustain this hospitality endeavor on the same business model as the rest of the branches in more populated metropolitan locations.

There has been no official statement or verification of the reason behind Swiss Hotel Abu Dhabi permanently closing down from hotel representatives. Nevertheless, the iconic Swedish hospitality gurus will be dearly missed in our capital city’s extensive collection of hotels.