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The Avanti TLW16DOW portable washing machine can be stashed in a closet until you need to use it. You simply tilt it backwards and move it using the two rolling wheels on the back and the recessed handles on the sides over to a sink. Then you simply hook it up to the faucet to get water, put the drain hose in the sink and get to work.

Besides saving the cost and the aggravation of going to a laundromat, you also will realize some good savings on your electric bill with the Avanti since this is a remarkably energy-efficient portable washer. It uses about 103 kilowatts of electricity per year, assuming you do a reasonable amount of laundry under ordinary conditions. That will cost you an estimated $12 a year, or a mere $1 per month, which is certainly less than any coin-operated washing machine.

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Quick Start Mechanix

Quick start Mechanix is specialized in washing machine repair, where the team has experience in all manual and automatic washing machines of all kinds and also offers competitive prices and fast response

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Rapid Results

Rapid Results has more than five years experience in the market and we serve most areas in Abu Dhabi city and differentiate from other service providers in our contracts with cleaning machine manufacturers.

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Fixit Solutions

Fixit Solutions offers better than average market prices in washing machine repair and maintenance, serving more than 1,000 customers in Abu Dhabi city

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Repairs on the Run

If you are looking for quick response and trouble-shooting, this company has a system that allows it to deal with problems quickly

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Applied Appliance

Applied Appliance specialized team to repair washing machines of all kinds and diagnose the problem and inform you about the possibility of repair and cost to repair it after taking your consent

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