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Oversized windowWith the perfect design of an oversized window, laundry can also be fun.

Ultraviolet sterilization

It quickly changes the micro potential difference in the inner cylinder, activates sterilization molecules and destroys the living environment for bacteria in order to sterilize the clothing, the physical sterilization never damages the clothing.

German standard HMI

It features only the required buttons, easiest for human handling and high-end metal laser stripes, experiencing the unique quality at your fingertips. Simple operation, easy to memorize.

Waterfall clean washing

With TCL original waterfall clean technology, it fully flushes out the detergent residues from the clothes. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, its effect improves by 30% , saving water by 30%, and the residues decrease by 30%.

Variable frequency and energy-saving

With an advanced mechanism of variable frequency, it is energy efficient, you no longer need to worry about power costs, nor do you need to accumulate dirty clothes, you can wash them at any time, and there is nowhere for the bacteria to hide.

One-button heat sterilization The eye-catching design of one-button disinfection alerts you at any moment to disinfect the drum with boiling water, and the high temperature sterilization never harms the slot, nor does it leave





We suggest you go to Washing machine repair Dubai if you are seeking for washing machine repair in Dubai. Otherwise, you can check the washing machine repair Abu Dhabi post if you need repair but not for this area or this brand.

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Applied Appliance

If you suffer from any problem inside your automatic washing machines, please feel free to contact us immediately because we specialize in the maintenance of automatic washing machines and provide you with the best genuine spare parts as soon as possible

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Fixed on Service

Our company is one of the oldest companies specialized in the world of maintenance of electrical appliances in general and automatic washing machines in particular so you can rely on us to keep your automatic washing machines in the best condition

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Appreciated Appliance

Appreciated Appliance offers better than average market prices in washing machine repair and maintenance, serving more than 1,000

customers in Abu Dhabi city

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If you own an old-fashioned or modern-style automatic washing machine, we can offer you a home maintenance service to repair your automatic washing machines at any time, anywhere at the best prices and the latest spare parts available in the market.

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Founding Fixers

If you suffer from one or more problems in your automatic washing machine and are afraid of high maintenance cost, our company offers you the best average prices for the maintenance of automatic washing machines at home

Founding Fixers

Your old washing machine does not get the job done properly and you want to repair it now you are in the right place we offer you the service of automatic washing machines repair at home as quickly as possible and professional quality will bring you a new washing machine again

Call Now: +971503879612