So you are looking for a heating and cooling service in Dubai? It is pretty impressive for you to take care of your AC, as if you leave it as is, you will spend quite a lot of air conditioner repairs, especially when a hot month comes along in the UAE. If you have a contract with AC repair services in Dubai, you can avoid such problems in the future, and that is just what we have to provide.

Heating and cooling service


AC repair expert

If you are looking for experts who have significant experience and expertise, you can stop your search, for we will give you the highest standard AC repair and maintenance. Rafeeg can put your mind at ease as our expert teams will do the work to solve any problem to your AC fast & professionally.

Great expertise

Here at Dubai heating and cooling service, we have a roster of highly certified and trained technicians who can deliver premium AC maintenance and repair service for all homes across the UAE, along with serving our government and private institutions. 

We are providing you these Heating and cooling service:

  • AC installation: installing new air condition units in your home.
  • AC repair: When you have an air conditioner breakdown, we come and repair it quickly.
  • AC maintenance: we come over to come and maintain the air condition to stop any occurrence of faults.

Why choose us

Rafeeg FM team can update your AC system to progress its performance, increase its vitality proficiency and provide you much excellent and powerful temperature control. It appears like a bit of a thing, but a standard check-in with our service Dubai can keep you a part of the money. Our AC service Dubai will be capable of checking humidity levels inside your home and help you make choices of your system based on the outcomes.