Polaire is a portable, compact AC that can be carried throughout your home to provide on-the-go cooling. If you do not have a home AC system, then Polaire has positioned itself as a middle-ground solution: you can enjoy the chilling effects of an air conditioning system without the high costs.

The device works as a regular conditioner would. Instead, it primarily relies on the usage of water. With powerful internal fans capable of pumping out chill breezes, it offers an instantaneous chilling effect.

If you need more information, you can use Google store to learn more about the prices in the UAE

Here are some of the top Polaire air conditioners to buy in the UAE:

1) Igenix IG9703 Polaire Air Cooler

With hot months arriving, you need to buy your air cooler now to reject a last-minute rush. And when it comes to air cooler, very few can beat the Igenix IG9703 Polaire Air Cooler. This is one of the latest coolers of its time with three fan settings, humidification, removable water tank, and oscillation function, and big carry handles for portability.

The cooler comes with a chilling ice chamber that fast spread cold air in all corners of your room. It can chill down 15 m2 or tiny rooms within a few minutes.

2) Symphony White Silver-I 9L Polaire Air Cooler

Wrong air standard generally impacts the health of your family. Every person feels suffocated when there is too much humidity in a room. With hot months just around the corner, it is high time you begin looking for an air cooler that also jobs as an air purifier. The Symphony Polaire air cooler fits that mixture perfectly.

3) Honeywell Polaire air cooler

It can chill down rooms fast and does not use too much power. This is a lightweight model with caster wheels linked at the bottom for easy mobility. You can use this air cooler in huge rooms, and it will chill down just like an AC would.