If you are looking for cleaning services in Dubai, then let me explain to you in this post why you need to use Rafeeg App.

Rafeeg App is Dubai online cleaning services marketplace. It allows homeowners to find and receive offers from different cleaning services providers. More than 40 trusted cleaning service providers in Dubai are waiting to serve you.

Competitive Rates for Cleaning Services

Currently, most of the locals use the Rafeeg app because it guarantees the best deal in the market!

Imagine when you submit a job order to more than 40 local providers at once, and these 40 providers compete in pricing to win the bidding. Of course, this process will guarantee to have the best price in the market.

Quality Control for Cleaning Services Providers

You are protected as Rafeeg is limited to licensed providers only. Only 40 providers from the 200+ Dubai licensed providers passed the high-standard registration procedure, ensuring the homeowner get the minimum market standard work, cleaning services Dubai.

Also, you can check the customer reviews on each provider and check the work portfolio to check which provider is the best. The price is not the only factor, so it is recommended to hire the provider with a little higher rate if it receives better customer reviews.

Cleaning services Classifications

  1. Deep Cleaning
  2. Furniture Cleaning
  3. Carpet Cleaning
  4. Maids Service

Try Rafeeg App

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The app backed up with more than 15 customer care staff to ensure our users get the desired work, Dubai Cleaning services.