Maid service is a popular service in the UAE due to the busy lifestyle there. There are hundreds of providers, and the government is now also providing this service through Tadbeer. However, all the maid service providers claim that they are the best in the market, but they have no evidence for their claim! So, without using a reference, it depends on your luck when it comes to choosing a maid service provider.

That’s why we are recommending the use of Rafeeg App, an online marketplace that connects UAE homeowners with trusted providers from the market. Rafeeg is a tender market type, so you will receive offers from different maid service providers and be able to see information about the different providers such as customer feedback and service rate to ensure you get the best deal with the right provider.

Maid Service Prices

The service prices vary based on different criteria such as the emirate, maid nationality, contract type, etc.

The full-time maid contract has a base salary, where the maid receives 1,200 AED to 1,500 AED a month, plus accommodations and food. However, the trick in this type is the upfront payment, which ranges from 7,000 to 15,000 AED. We will talk more about this at the end of the post after the tips section.

Part-time maid service is typically billed on an hourly basis, where the provider charges 20 to 35 AED per hour based on the time length and the nationality of the maid.

Typically, Dubai prices are higher than Abu Dhabi and other emirates due to the high cost of living in Dubai, but the prices have recently gone down due to the government’s entrance and the already high competition on the market.

Tips for Getting the Best Prices

1. Scheduling

It is highly recommended that you set an annual schedule. If this is not possible, then try to make the longest schedule possible. Remember it is only a plan, you do not have to stick to its exact terms the entire time. Providers tend to offer a great discount for long-term contracts.

2. Weekdays

If you can schedule the maid service visit for weekdays, then you will definitely receive a better price. The maid service providers charge a higher rate on weekends because not only is the demand higher on weekends, but the costs to operate on weekends are higher for the providers as well.

3. Tendering

As mentioned before, you need to request quotes based on your requirement and schedule from a variety of providers. The offers do not necessarily need to be in writing, but you need to know how much they will charge you if you decide to move forward with their services.

4. Negotiating

Once you receive offers from all the providers you are interested in, visit the shops again and ask for a better price, bargaining is very common in the UAE. One way to ensure you are getting the best deal is by being transparent with the provider about the offers other shops have provided. In many cases, they will offer to beat the quotes of their competitors. However, if you are looking for a one-time service, then do not waste your time doing this, as the provider will not be willing to give a discount. However, it will be very minimal if they do.

5. Tipping

It is very important that you understand the maids are different from the maid service provider, and you need a special arrangement to ensure they do what expected. First, you need to be super clear about what you need them to do. In fact, it is a good idea to give them a written list as a reference. Second, motivate them to do a good job by offering tips if they achieve the desired outcome. This will make a difference in the service they provide, so we highly recommend you do it.

Full-time maid vs. part-time maid service

If you require a full-time maid to help you with cooking, babysitting your child or everyday home cleaning, then a full-time maid is the right option for you. However, if you only need a maid for home cleaning, a part-time cleaning service is the right option for you.

Hiring a full-time maid is quite expensive primarily due to the recruitment fees associated with finding the right person for you, which could range up to 15,000 AED being paid the agency. This fee is a one-time payment and gives you the option to replace the maid if for any reason you find they are not the right one for you (valid for the first 3 months). You will also need to pay for their visa sponsorship, which is around 2,500 AED, and a plane ticket every 2 years. The maid’s monthly salary is between 1,500 to 2,000 plus accommodations and food. Doing some calculation, this costs you approximately 2,800 a month, 93 AED a day, 12 AED an hour.

However, if you do not need help with cooking, babysitting, or laundry, then a part-time maid and cleaning service is the right option even if it costs 30 AED an hour. You have no long-term commitment and do not need to provide accommodations or food. With the part-time maid, you pay only for the time spent at work, so even if the hourly cost is higher than double the wages of the full-time maid, you will be saving money since you will not be paying for the full-time maid to sit around.

Dubai Maid Service

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