Finding and hiring maids in Dubai becomes easy, especially with Rafeeg App. Rafeeg is Dubai online marketplace for maids and cleaning services allowing homeowners to receive offers from more than 35 trusted maids companies in Dubai. Click on the button below to start using Rafeeg:

Why Using Rafeeg?

The following reasons what makes Rafeeg unique compared to any other reference:

  1. All providers are licensed and passed the Rafeeg verification test. 
  2. Providers compete to win you, ensuring you get the best price in the market. 
  3. Real customer reviews allowing you to do your verification. 
  4. No commitment or advance payment, you could cancel anytime or replace the provider with another with zero cost. 
  5. Excellent customer services team to follow up on your order and ensure you get the best quality service. 

Cost Hiring Maids in Dubai

Maids providers in Dubai charge per hour 25 to 35 Dirham. The rate range depends on different factors: 

  1. Size of work. 
  2. Time required. 
  3. The maids’ nationality.
  4. The provider portfolio. 

Maids providers offer a better hourly rate for units that required more work because they make saving in the transportation cost, and reduce wastage time.  

The Philippines are the best when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, when you are dealing with a cleaning company, ask them about their staff nationality, plus you need to check the customer reviews. 

In my point of view, The service rate is not the only factor you have to use to decide which company to hire. That’s why it is essential to check the customer reviews before deicing which company to hire! 

Tips for Hiring Maids in Dubai

  1. Build a long term relationship with one provider. It will save your time explaining and supervising the maids. 
  2. It is common in Dubai to Negotiated the price with the provider. 
  3. Check the reviews and contract only with the known one. 

Maids service Alternative 

There are two types of providers for cleaning in Dubai. If you need help to do the day to day cleaning, then you the maids’ service is the one. maids in Dubai

However, if you are seeking deep cleaning or specialized cleanings, then you have to hire a dedicated cleaning company that is different from the maids cleaning. 

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