If your washing machine is broke, then Rafeeg App could help you to repair it with a click! There are 18 registered trusted washing machine providers in Rafeeg App, which specialized in washing machine repair in Dubai. Use the button below to download the app, or call the customer care immediately. 

The cost of Repair Washing Machine in Dubai

It depends on the type of washing machine, the job required, and the materials needed. However, the approximate cost for the repair usually between 100 AED to 200 AED plus the cost of the replacement materials. 

It is better to use the app, as it allows you to write details such as machine type and brief clarification about the issue. The 18 providers then can decide if they could help you, and the estimated cost to do so.

The providers will submit offers through Rafeeg App, allowing you to compare and choose one to come and do the job.

Who to compare the offers?

  • Price: the providers must give an initial price range. 
  • Customer reviews: Rafeeg allows you to read what people say about each provider. 
  • Work Portfolio: Each provider has a work portfolio that you could check! 

No Inspection fees, no commitment

In case you chose a provider to come to your home to fix the washing machine, but this provider was not able to fix it or offered a high price.

No worries, you could cancel the request or replace the provider with another for free. 

Customer Care team

The Rafeeg customer care team is following up on each order to make sure the customer gets what he desired. Cooperating with the customer care team will allow them to assist you and take action against the provider if he misses around. Washing machine repairs Dubai