If your washing machine is broke, then Rafeeg App could help you to repair it with a click! There are 18 registered trusted washing machine providers in Rafeeg App, which specialized in washing machine repair in Dubai. Use the button below to download the app, or call the customer care immediately. 


Dubai Washing Machine Repair Shops

Up and Running

We have a reputation for quality service, trustworthy staff, and promise to deliver a level of service beyond expectations.


Appliance Care

We are here for you! Repair care based in Dubai is a professional agency specialized in cleaning, repair & handyman services for residential and commercial spaces.


Repair Reps

We serve a vast client base for commercial and residential buildings, Industrial units, Hotels, Hospitals, Multinational Companies, etc. in Dubai.


Appliance Reliance

We take up repairs & servicing of almost all the appliances that one can find in a house. From kitchen appliances like microwave, juicers, blenders and mixers, washing machines & dryers.


Fixed on Service

Fixed on Service Centre is your appliance repairing and servicing expert and is proud to be serving at Dubai.


The cost of Repair Washing Machine in Dubai

It depends on the type of washing machine, the job required, and the materials needed. However, the approximate cost for the repair usually between 100 AED to 200 AED plus the cost of the replacement materials. 

It is better to use the app, as it allows you to write details such as machine type and brief clarification about the issue. The 18 providers then can decide if they could help you, and the estimated cost to do so.

The providers will submit offers through Rafeeg App, allowing you to compare and choose one to come and do the job.

Who to compare the offers?

  • Price: the providers must give an initial price range. 
  • Customer reviews: Rafeeg allows you to read what people say about each provider. 
  • Work Portfolio: Each provider has a work portfolio that you could check! 

No Inspection fees, no commitment

In case you chose a provider to come to your home to fix the washing machine, but this provider was not able to fix it or offered a high price.

No worries, you could cancel the request or replace the provider with another for free. 

Customer Care team

The Rafeeg customer care team is following up on each order to make sure the customer gets what he desired. Cooperating with the customer care team will allow them to assist you and take action against the provider if he misses around. Washing machine repairs Dubai

Dubai Washing Machine Repair

Household machines are things that many people underestimate. Consider what our lives would resemble without any semblance of tumble dryers, hairdryers, and even washing machines. It seems without these machines our lives will be harder, with numerous jobs taking twice.

About washing devices, this is certainly the situation. Washing machines are amazingly simple appliances to use. Truly, a heap of washing takes somebody two or three minutes to load and press the catch to kick the cycle off. The fact of the matter is without these appliances a basic heap of washing would take a couple of hours, as everything would need to be finished by hand.

So, it is nothing unexpected that when one of these appliances breaks, washing repairs or replacements are positively on the cards. For many people, the main alternative they feel is obtaining a new machine. Rather than taking a gander at the many washing machine repairs that they could finish themselves, they need to get everything arranged as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

Washing machines are not decreasing expenses. They are intended to keep going extensive periods, however, that doesn’t imply that customers won’t have issues. While many people don’t have the DIY skills to repair them, there are many people offering services including washing machine repairs which have the right stuff to make them work rapidly.

Using Dubai Washing Machine Repair to Save Money

The household appliance is things in the home that many individuals hope to be there and hope to work. These machines don’t keep going forever and now and then they will either break or need repairing.

Many people need to guarantee that they have these appliances working consistently and this implies while a lot of the time it may be a simple fix that is expected to get the washing machine working once more, they will just buy another one since it requires less idea.

A great idea is a search for specialists to do cheap washing machine repair, which implies they don’t need to experience the cost of buying another item.

Washing machines are exhausted every day. People put in their grimy, foul and sleek garments, anticipating that they all should confess all as ever. The great thing is, most of the time they will tell the truth. The issue is however, there are a lot of parts that can break or destroy when putting under broad strain, which is the place Dubai washing machine repair comes in.

The truth of the matter is that many people are not experts or DIY minded. It means when washing machine repairs are required, they don’t generally have a clue where to begin. Regardless of whether the issue is an incredibly brisk and simple fix, it probably won’t signal up with the individual and the probability is that they will throw it and buy another one.

Useful Tips to Choose the Finest Washing Machine Repair Service

Here are useful tips that will help you make your repair service selection a little simpler.

1: Choose a washing machine repair company that you can trust. Look at their reputation and their service record to guarantee that they’re equipped for taking care of business right and afterwards figure out which of the companies you are thinking about is the best for the activity.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you pick the most settled company or a little nearby spot, because as long as you are agreeable and getting the administration that you merit, you’ll be fine.

2: Don’t limit yourself to some supplier since you don’t want to look. Find a few companies and think about the services that they offer. Analyze their reputation, their costs, and their accessibility. At that point, you can settle on an informed choice about which company is best for your washing machine repair needs.

3: Don’t consider cost alone. It’s imperative to have the option to bear the cost of washing machine repair, yet you should never put together your choice concerning cost alone. Doing this will probably get you awful help or cause you to overpay because you believe that the costlier assistance will be better.

This isn’t generally the situation, and you have to make sure that you consider the service that you’re getting AND the value that you’ll pay to settle on the best decision.

These tips are an incredible method to guarantee that you get the best help each opportunity about washing machine repair. Nobody can reveal to you which companies are best for you, yet they can help you with narrowing down your decisions and make sense of which alternatives best suit your needs.

With everything taken into account, with regards to proficient washing machine repair in Dubai, you have to discover the company that works best for you. Toward the day’s end, as long as you are upbeat, that is the only important thing. Getting your machine repair service should be dealt with is the initial step!

Ensure the expert you contract is dependable or it might bring about poor help at a greater expense. If you accept greater expenses bring about better assistance, this may not be the situation. Indeed, setting aside the effort to employ the correct specialist might be subject to the fact that it is so basic to recover the machine fully operational.

Remember, the main thing is the suppliers’ capacity to figure out what the issue is, fix it as indicated by the maker’s standard and at a cost satisfactory to you.

The incredible thing about using Dubai washing machine repair is that they are simple. They won’t constrain a customer to use their washing machine repairs services if they figure they won’t require them yet rather will evaluate the expense of the fix and leave it down to the shopper.

Most of the time the faster and less expensive choice will be to have a washing machine repaired by a Dubai washing machine repair company. They have great knowledge and experience in this filed.