Abu Dhabi police is determined to make the lives of the people living in Abu Dhabi easier and comfortable. Keeping this in mind they have developed an app called ‘Abu Dhabi Police’ which available both on Google play and apple store for free. They aim to make sure the traffic is moving efficiently and securely along with combating crime, and boosting the confidence of the citizens.

Abu Dhabi Police App Contact & Location

There are about 20 police stations scattered all over Abu Dhabi. They have their headquarters in downtown and you can be up to date with their news by:

Location (Headquarter) Delma Street, near Al Jazirah club
Contact 800 3333
Emergency 999
Website https://www.adpolice.gov.ae/ar/Pages/home.aspx
Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADPoliceHQ/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adpolicehq/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqu78o49yHSQTOUEWh_8Vg Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADPoliceHQ

Abu Dhabi Police App Services
Abu Dhabi app is very interactive and easy to use. All you have to do is download the app and make an account using your Emirates ID. They provide you with various services that makes it easier to know your traffic history. The services provided are:

  • Pay Traffic Fines
  • Traffic Fines Materials
  • Fines Clearance Certificate
  • View Receipt
  • Historical Fines
  • Register Black Points
  • Vehicle Confiscation

Abu Dhabi Police App Fines

Delaying paying your fines because you don’t have time? Don’t know where this fine came from? All this is answered on their app. The app allows you to see the number of vehicles that are registered on your name. It also shows you what type of traffic fine you got, where did you get it and its amount. Not only that you can get to know how many fines you have been charged with until now. They also allow you to pay the fines on the app and clear them.

Abu Dhabi Police App Summary

Further, it is hard to remember and categorize what is pending in our busy lives. However, this app makes it so much easier to get an overview of everything, you don’t even have to browse through the whole app. It tell you:

  • Total Pending Fines Amount
  • Number of Pending Fines
  • Paid Fines
  • Number of Paid Fines
  • Driver Licence expiry
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Available Black Points
  • History of Black Points
  • Vehicle Count
  • Vehicle Accidents

Abu Dhabi Police App Reviews

  • Abdullah Shahid

“The latest update has made this application really efficient and easy to use! The user-friendly interface allows for smart interaction with content for communication between citizens and police!”

  • Abdallah Mahdy

“Best governmental app in the universe. Extremely easy to use and saves a lot of efforts and time. God bless everyone and each member participated in this magnificent work. Keep it up.”

  • Hicham Dennaoui

“Excellent app and i like the new layout, Abu Dhabi police is always exceeding my expectations with the quality of their services. All the best.”

  • Hasan AL-Hindi

“Very useful app which help you manage you traffic related documents like renewing driver license and car registration cards and so many useful things well as issuing mawaqif parking.”