Part Time Jobs

 Passive Income Opportunities

8,000 to 15,000 AED Monthly

Make it monthly with Rafeeg Part time jobs. Rafeeg App introduced commercial building services, enabling landlords to take full control of the facilities maintenance. It comes with multi-demanded services such as live data, competitive price rates, and work insurance.

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10% commission on the contract value

We invite you to make additional income with a simple role in promoting the commercial building service. We offer a.

Rafeeg App Advantages

Pay as you Go
Tenants mgt
1,000 Contractors
24/7 Call Center
Friendly Interface
Live Reports

Rafeeg Business Model

Since the start, the Rafeeg app works based on the sharing economy model, helping more than 1,000 licensed local firms, and 5,000 technicians to enhance their work follow and increase their income.

The Rafeeg app helped the registered parties generate more than 12,000,000 AED in 2019 and with a 65% growth rate, ensuring suitability and job security.

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